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  • Rotation 60
    Rotation 60
function Notes 
Unlike the mandrel bending machines the machine type "rotation" bends without a mandrel the radii are larger and depend on the wall thickness of the pipe. The bending radii are listed in the table. For each pipe diameter you will need a suitable bending template, it is possible to program several bending angle and process the programming consecutively. The programs can be stored. The models "rotation" the bending can be triggered with a foot pedal. The best results are usually achieved with annealed tube.
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Technical Specifications Rotation 60
Motorpower (kW)  4
Voltage (V)  400
pro Minute (min¯¹)
Dimensions L x W x H (mm)  600 x 500 x 930 
Machine weight (kg) 190
Bending capacity turntable:  
Round material   Ø 30 mm ST 33
Flat iron  50 x 20 mm
Square   20 mm
Tube Ø 60 mm x 3,2

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