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  • AH 120/3AC
    AH 120/3AC
  • Polyamide rollers
    Polyamide rollers
  • Steel rollers
    Steel rollers
Profilbiegemaschine AH120/3 AC
These bending machines are ideal for bending flat and angle iron, T and U irons and other profile types. Round tubes can of course also be bent. You are welcome to support our bending experts in a no-obligation consultation and determine which machine you need for your specific requirements. In general, the rollers of all types of machines are smooth and are therefore ideal for bending brass, aluminum and stainless steel profiles without damaging the sensitive surfaces!
Thanks to the three driven rollers, respectively, it is possible to bend sections with very small radius without slipping. Ideally these Profile Bending Machines for artisans and manufacturers, for example, serpentine heat exchanger - but generally for all who need a versatile, yet inexpensive machine with a large capacity. Using a profile set of rollers, which is supplied as standard with each machine, and full kit, square tubes, rectangular tubes, flat iron, and more can be bent easily. For bending of tubes specific rollers are required depending on the diameter. Here are recommended for bending steel (pipes) steel rolling and bending of steel special rolls made ??of polyamide. Of course, we also provide customer-specific profiles customized special rolls.
Operation modes for our profile bending machines
Standard version
The hydraulic settings of the two bottom rollers is adjusted using two digital displays. Sowol is the Portable programmable under and above the position of the rollers.
general request
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Power 11kW
Hydraulic 200 bar
Shaft rotational speed 5,5/min.
Shaft diameter 100 mm
Weight 2290 kg
Dimensions 1433 x 1450 x 1760 mm






                                                                                             Bending capacity


Bendingrolls for Tube 1/2"

Bendingrolls for Tube 1/2

Bendingrolls for Tube 3/4"

Bendingrolls for Tube 3/4

Bendingrolls for Tube 1"

Bendingrolls for Tube 1

Bendingrolls for Tube 1 1/4"

Bendingrolls for Tube 1 1/4

Bendingrolls for Tube 1 1/2"

Bendingrolls for Tube 1 1/2

Bendingrolls for Tube 2"

Bendingrolls for Tube 2

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