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  • HRB 12 PLUS
    HRB 12 PLUS

HRB 12 Plus ... MANUAL BENDING ...

The Pipe bender HRB 12 Plus is a manual bending device with digital displays. 
The display shows: 
• twist 
• length 
• bending angle 
The bending, twisting and length are operated by hand. The Display helps the reproduction of the bend. The length, is the position in which the bend can take place.
general request
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shaft diameter 20 mm (Standard)
Max. Bending radius 60 mm
Max. Bending capacity Stahl 12 x 1,5
Edelstahl 12 x 1
Kupfer weich 15 x 1
standard bending tooling 6 mm R 20
8 mm R 25
10 mm R 30
12 mm R 35




HRB Special - Tooling

Set of bending rolls and jaws

HRB Special - Tooling
Video HRB 12

configuration note

When ordering the HRB 12 Plus you need to decide on a length. 850 mm or 1850 mm are standard. Special lengths up to 6 m are available. Choose sprecial bending tools, if the required of one, is not already included.

our tipp

Our tip! The HRB 12 Plus can be ordered as a mandrel bender, please contact us, so we can advise you.

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