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X1 without Table

Abkanten V2 Drahtbiegen
Tablebender X1
... makes a Bending machine out of your Welding Table...
Als Neuvorstellung präsentiert die Firma Gelber-Bieger
GmbH eine raffinierte Möglichkeit des Biegens. 
As a novelty Gelber-Bieger GmbH presents,
a ...
system and is built on the very popular welding tables on. 
The Siegmund Welding Tables are used primarily as welding gauge. 
The design office of Gelber-Bieger had
the idea to use the robust welding tables from 1x1 m to 
4x2 m with a 28 mm hole system and a 100 
mm grid, as base. To take bending machines. 
The Tablebender allows the 
Bending of flat bars up to a height of 100 mm 
and a thickness up to 15 mm. The capacity is 10 t and 
the stroke of 150 mm. The bender is powered by 
a small separate hydraulic unit, which also 
can be used for other applications. the 
Bending possibilities and the 
Operation are versatile and easy.


                                                 Technical Specifications Tablebender X1

Motor Power (kW)  1,5
Voltage (V)  240 / 400
Hydraulic Pressure (Bar)  240
Working Pressure (t)  10
Tool hight (mm) 100
Dimensions L x B x H (mm)  830 x 250 x 280
Machine weight (kg)  80
Bending capacity  Flat 100 x 15 (V=125)
our tipp
our tipp:
Bending with the Tablebender X1 is only possible with the 28mm welding table system! 
The CBS can be used on both systems 16 and 28 mm

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