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3 driven Shafts
3 driven Shafts
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Folding and rolling
Spiral Bending
Spiral Bending

Vario II² Profile Bending Machine

3D Abkanten V2 Flacheisen Rohrbiegen Spiralbiegen Wendelbiegen
Profile bending machines belong to the basic equipment of metal craft operation. For generations, these machines remain large, heavy, inflexible and expensive. With the Vario-bender, the company Gelber-Bieger has revolutionized this type of machine in all these points. The Vario-bender adapts to the specific ...
For many companies, the use of a Profile Bending Machine is not worthwhile in spite of the low entry price because they "only" bend tubes or profiles and the machine is often underutilized. Again, the company GELBER-BIEGER offers an optimal extension of potential applications. Because the Vario-bender can be rebuilt from a profile bender to a press bender for flat iron and round material. 
With just a few simple steps and loosening some screws the Vario Bender 3 the profile bending unit can be removed and a folding tool can be mounted. With a bending capacity of up to 15 mm thick and 100 mm high flat iron, this machine is an enormous help in bending the metal. 
Apart from the conversion to folding, the Vario-bender also includes the ability to use all the tools the company Gelber-Bieger designed for Mobi-bender: for example, the turntable and devices for cutting, notching, expanding ...
Bending capacity 
Round tube: 48mm 
Flat Iron: 60 x 10 
Square: 30 x 30 
Power: 1.2 kW 
Weight: 250 kg 
Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 1000 
Pressure: 10 T (220 bar) 
Shaft diameter: 40 mm 
Walzschwindigkeit: 9 U / min
our tipp
our tipp:
The Profile Bending Machine is delivered with a set of rollers for 1". "You do not have to immediately buy all the other bending rolls because we have 300 sets in stock and can supply all common sizes in 48 hours. 
With accessories this machine can easily make spiral bending.... Please contact us!