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Tube Grinder
Tube Grinder
2 Speed
2 Speed
Grinded Tube
Grinded Tube

Tube Grinder RS2

The most robust construction on the market. The jaw is massive. For smaller pipe diameters this can be reversed. 
Delivery is made via a spindle, this allows an accurate grinding out without effort and under constant pressure. 
The RS-2 has two grinding speeds, the first slow speed for grinding stainless steel, ...
Use the slower speed when grinding stainless steel to prevent the tarnishing of the tube. A bluish discoloration is however can not entirely be prevent. 
Our Tip: The best results and the least rework can be reached with our special high-performance belt of ceramic corundum with cooling multibond. 
The figure shows a double extraction system. We recommend this to our customers, as the grinding sets a lot of metal dust free. However, the cost issue is often in the foreground, so we decided to offer this aspiration every now and then as a special offer. 
Changing the belt by loosening the 2 screws with quick tension
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Technical Specifications:

L x W x H (mm) 800 x 1500 x 1250
Power (KW) 3,0
Weight (kg) 211 kg
Speed 1400 U/min
2800 U/min
Grind out ø20-100x120
Grade of abrasive belts Grit Körnung 40
Körnung 60
possible Grind out angle ø50mm a 30°
ø80mm a 45°
ø100mm a 60°
configuration note
configuration note:

The RS 2 is supplied with a basic package of accessories, including 3 contact rollers and a sanding belt. If required you can select, an addition, contact role. Do not forget the sanding belts.

our tipp
our tipp:

Our tip! Our best sanding belts prevent the bluish starting at the pipe and have a significantly higher grinding performance.

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