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Press Brake AB 1250 NC
Press Brake AB 1250 NC
Support Table / back stop
Support Table / back stop

Press Brake AB 1250 NC

Abkanten V2
... Small, Light, Powerful...
With this machine we present
a small, light, powerful and energy-efficient
Press brake with an edge length of 1250 mm. 
The press brake GB 40-1250 M is the 
Extent of 1.8 m (H), 1.1 m (t) and ...
most compact machine in this category, it 
is capable of edging up to a length of 1250 mm. 
While usually such presses weigh up tp 3500 
kilograms, our press has a weight of
only 1600 kg and is likely the
Lightest on the market. The Weight and Dimensions 
guarantee a very high degree of flexibility, the 
Machine can be easily transported and fits 
through most doors. 
With 40 tons of bending force generated by two cylinders 
 - despite the compact and the 
low weight design - our press is one of  the strongest brakes 
that can be found in the press brake category.
The installation height for tools is rarely
up to 310 mm with the corresponding large parts 
you can edit or additionally integrate the 
optionally provided quick tool clamping system.
This press is equipped with Standard Stamp 
matrices from type Amada / Promecam. 
Another advantage is a particular 
Energy saving mode. In this mode the press brake 
only needs 3.5 kW. Secondly, the press brake is 
switched so that the energy consumption is coupled directly 
and automatically with the actual use.
This "just-in-time" mode and 
the low consumption have the consequence that the 
compared to uncontrolled use of 
high-consumption competitive products saves 
Energy costs so within three years you have an amortization 
of the investment costs. 
Press brake GB 40-1250 NC ... SIMPLE AND INNOVATIVE CONTROL ... 
The NC-controlled variant of Maschienenserie GB 40 is mechanically identical in construction with the manual version. The difference is only to use. 
Semi-automatic control 
The semi-automatic operation makes it possible to take the values from the manual mode ??and save them. In a program up to 10 bends can be deposited. The programs can be stored under a drawing number or an arbitrary text. The number of programs is virtually unlimited, since the control can be expanded with a memory card. A backup is possible, following the same principle.
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Press brake GB 40 1250 
Crimping force: 40t 
Kant length 1250 mm 
Performance / working pressure 400 kN 
Bending speed 10 mm / s 
2 cylinder 
Back gauge electrically adjustable from the front 
with counter 
Digital stroke adjustment 
Digital adjustable return stroke 
Pressure relief valve 
Weight 1640 kg 
Dimensions L / H / T 1750x1660x600 mm
configuration note
configuration note:
To assemble this machine together correctly, you need is the machine and a set of clamps and tools. Do you want to fold over the entire length, you need a tool with a length of 835 mm and a length of 415 mm.
our tipp
our tipp:
For bending boxes you will need a sektioned punch! 
You can request a separate tool catalog from us: info@gelber-bieger.com

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