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Measuring table for measuring system

Measuring Tables.. Precise work... made easy...
The measurement table consists of a digital 
Measurement system and a welding table 16 mm. 
The table is the base of the system. The size of the 
Table defines the measurement range. Tables are 
available in ...
When you have decided on the size of the measuring table, 
it is possible to build two measuring systems: 
- Length measurement 
- Angle measurement 
The measuring systems are available in different resolutions 
It is also possible in a 
Third measure level. 
Talk to us, we will build according to your requirements.
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our tipp
our tipp:


In the field of the bending technique we use a measuring table 
an order: 
- To check the angle of curved flat iron 
(bent with a table bender). 
- Identify the Materialnachfederung in pipes 
(Table mandrel bender). 
To determine this is with a 
Mandrel bending machine, an angle of 45 °, 90 °, 
and 135 ° bent.