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Information about Gelber-Bieger XL and XL-Plus
Gelber-Bieger XL
The Universal bender

In the year 2000, Gelber-Bieger developed a unique horizontal press called the Gelber-Bieger XL. This machine is packed with special features. The 30-tonne cylinder is integrated into the table and therefore offers unsurpassed bending freedom. Furthermore this is a synchronous cylinder, which can press with the same power to the right or to the left. Hence, this machine offers the possibility of working with 2 workstations. One tool can be installed on the right and another on the left, or the first procedure of a task can be performed on one side and the second procedure on the other. Another unusual function is the inbuilt rotating plate. This makes it possible to bend 25 mm round steel through 270°, for example. Finally, the lateral hydraulic connections round off the universal use of this machine; here you can attach hydraulic units or accessories supplied by us.

The Gelber-Bieger XL is also unique in its operation. The first possibility is to control the machine with a sensitive hand lever. This means you can achieve the desired bending very slowly and finely, and you can straighten, rebend or correct previously bent parts.

The second possibility is programming. Up to 8 program steps can be processed successively. This programme can either be entered directly or input using the "touch-in" procedure (which involves moving manually to a position and then storing it).

The dimensions of this machine are just 1200 x 600 mm, making the Gelber-Bieger XL the most compact machine on the market. Above all, the 350 mm oversized stroke of the cylinder clearly differentiates it from the competition.

The following accessory sets are available:

    • XL-standard • XL-profile bender • XL-spiral bender • XL-accessory set • XL-press brake • XL-special tools


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The advantages of the Gelber-Bieger XL-Plus

The XL-Plus is a further development which gives a facelift to the Gelber-Bieger XL, so to speak. The functionality and compatibility of the tools are 100% ensured. All the tools from the XL model fit the XL-Plus model.

  • High-quality frame with height-adjustable feet
  • Additional lateral holes for increased universality
  • Angles and markings milled into the table
  • The table is a welded structure
  • Acoustically-damped high-quality hydraulics
  • Accurate positioning
  • Easier maintenance
  • Oil filter monitoring with front mounted indicator
  • Installation of the operating pressure without tools
  • Plug connector between machine and control unit
  • Drawers under the tool so that the shavings can be removed more easily
  • Auxiliary functions on the controls

For this model, it is also possible to plasma nitride the entire table (surface and guides), for a surcharge. This protects the machine from rust, scratching and wear, improves its appearance.

Gelber Bieger
Gelber Bieger
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